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Everyone can benefit from having a personal trainer to reach their personal goals and dreams.


 Our Training provides you with a training experience that cannot be replicated through training on your own, but will give you tools that you can use on your own.


As well as the Martial Arts, we offer a full range of training including  weight training, weight management, strength, endurance, conditioning and will tailor a program to meet your specific needs.


            GROUP TRAINING


If you want to spread the cost of a private session, get your friends involved!


I can take upto 4 people in a private session, which makes it cost effective for all.


I can also arrange to do a group class of up to 20. I have done out of season training for many different sports clubs of all ages, looking for different aspects of fitness and training methods to add to their own training.


Corporate and business enquiries are also welcome. Whether its a bonding day or you want to cover some aspects of self defence.

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